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Conditions of making photographic and audiovisual recordings

From 1st January 2020 the photography/filming is not allowed in the monument!

A text about photography ban HERE

In case you need to make photograps (educational or historial reasons), send an request (download HERE) at least 3 days beforhand by an e-mail:

Due to high visitor numbers, photography permits are not issued in July and August.

In case you need to make audiovisual record for educational, documentary or historical reasons, send an application (download HERE) with specification of intention of using recorded material at least 4 weeks beforehand by an e-mail:

Approving of application is in Bishopric of Hradec Králové competency, Roman-Catholic Parish Kutná Hora – Sedlec only suggest or not suggest the approval of the application.

The application must contain the name and address of producer and photographer/cameraman, intention of recordings, range of recording and the script of final work. The script must consider the character of cultural and sacred sights and the dignity, importance and piety of the Ossuary. If the application is confirmed, making the photographic or audiovisual record using a tripod and camera equipment is based on the lease contract (violation of the contract is sanctioned).

Other details and conditions about possibility about for example of access to the monument beyond the opening hours depends on intention of recording and confirmation of the application.

Press Releases

Press Releases
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